Type G3000 movable glass wall partitions

HUFCOR mobile glass wall partition
HUFCOR mobile glass wall partition
HUFCOR mobile glass wall partition
HUFCOR mobile glass wall partition

Possible applications of type G 3000 movable glass wall partitions are manifold in today's modern and sophisticated architecture. They offer transparency and freely accessible illumination, for example in shopping arcades, entertainment centres, bank foyers, hotels and restaurants. Glass wall partitions harmonise with almost every ambiance.    Glass is a material ensuring many creative alternatives of colour, surface and individual conditioning. The crystal clear and coloured glasses of ESG are an ideal solution. Complete glass elements with vertically bordered profile are also included in the delivery program.    HUFCOR-movable partitions offer manifold design variants, from the planning and draft stages onwards.

technical details
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technical details Typ G3000
suspension 2 Punkt
track type 36
min. height between underside of track and underside of ceiling 150mm
types of trims I/L/T/U-profile
parking systems look into a-file track systems
glass type safety glass tempered
glass thickness in mm 10 12
glass height until 3190 3650
element width in mm 610 ... 1250
pivot panel the pivot panel is not operable and swings into the stacked position
pivot panel width in mm ... 1250
pass door the pass door is hinged to an operable panel is double acting, for a total swing arc of 360º
pass door width in mm max 900
anchor panel in mm Türelementbreite + 320
tempered glass width-height proportion 1:10 (introduction of the glass producer)
top clearance 20 mm
bottom clearance 15 mm
brush seals horizontal and vertical upgradeable
bolting elements to gip in the floor
rail colour standard E6/EV1
HUFCOR standard handle FSB aluminium handle l=200 mm
profil cylinder look prepared for pc 30/30