Type 100/100K movable partitions

HUFCOR partition wall - fair Magdeburg
Hufcor - partition wall  - ball room Hilton Hotel
Hufcor - partition wall - room divider
HUFCOR-partition wall

movable partitions Typ 100K

HUFCOR movable partitions type 100K partitions are separate elements which are protected with a frame of an aluminium profile; obtainable in pure aluminium, anodised or powder-coated and painted. This protects the partition surfaces, thus ensuring that it is applicable for heavy-duty use.

movable partitions Typ 100

HUFCOR movable partitions type 100 partitions are separate elements without visible frames, with the wall taking the appearance of an open-plan solid wall; with only a shadow gap between the elements.

Both partitioning systems are of course available with automatic locking .

  • certified sound protection 39-57 dB RwP
  • Fire protection FI30 EN 13501-2: 2003
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • TÜV-Product certificate
  • DIN 31000 Safety-oriented design of technical products
  • DIN 18032 Safety ball
  • Regular plant monitoring
ESS automatic locking
Technical details
Data sheets
HUFCOR ESS die neue Bedienerfreundlichkeit
Hufcor Sicherheitsschaltung

ESS the new customer friendliness


The product alternative ESS is a highly developed, microprocessor-driven operation of the seals. You receive our partitions in product alternative ESS as a turnkey service. The certified electronic pilot controls the function of the wall panels.


Safety switch

The vertical seal is extended with the help of a magnet kept in the area, in front of a marked contact point. The locking of the seal can at any time be interrupted by taking the magnet away from the contact point. This safety switch is very important particularly for movable walls in schools and kindergardens.

  • Each module is driven by a microprocessor - The motors are "made in Germany.
  • Emergency operation through battery as well as manual emergency operation.
  • Magnet for operation of the safety switch.
  • Has passed an electromagnetic compliance test (EMV) for industrial and living areas.
  • Is provided with the CE sign.

Mobile partitions - Finishing

The surface design of movable partitions are with respect to material, color, style and design no limits. Whether real wood veneer surface, surface acoustic, digital printing, mirror surfaces, glass surfaces, steel (magnetic and writeable), carpet, wallpaper, fabrics ..., in our long-standing practice, we have implemented some unusual customer requests.     

Of course, we work with the leading manufacturers of melamine resin and laminated particle board: eg WESTAG & Getalit and RESOPAL.  Ask us, we will send you a sample of the desired surface.

Inexpensive and readily available, the surfaces of our house collection as a melamine resin finishing in solid colors and wood finishes and laminated finishing (HPL) in solid colors.

Real wood veneer surface

Furnier quer

Design development
Veneers are usually sorted according to the pattern construction. Depending on each kind of wood, you can obtain till 20 boards with veneer from one trunk in continuous development. The veneers do appear of highest quality in their pattern appearance. The veneer widths are in one board, as well as usually till 10 boards the same.

Furnier Brett

Board character
Veneers from minimum 4 different veneer packages are rashly put together (smooth, flowered, knocked down and pushed). It creates a so called "plank character" constuction, optically similar to glued solid wood.

Acoustic finishing

Akustik quer
  • Veneered surfaces and standard
  • Well plates and slotted plates
  • Different holes and slots
  • Improve room acoustics
  • Noise reduction by ambient noise attenuation
Akustik Loch

As in many of today's architectural sound-reflecting materials such as stone, concrete, glass and aluminum are used, it is often necessary for a pleasant room acoustics to install sound absorbers. These sound-absorbing systems must not only meet the technical requirements but also left room for the design by the architect.

Finishing with digital printing


Creativity creates space. Opens up new possibilities in interior design with digitally printed surfaces.

  • abrasion and impact resistant
  • light-resistant and heat resistant
  • in board sizes up to 4100mm x 1300mm
  • Delivery from 1 board

Your custom design is printed on special paper and pressed into HPL. To achieve a low pixel (fine grained) image, a resolution of at least 150dpi and a file structure in the final format preferably as *.tif file required. A continuous image in panel joint is available in both the height and width.

Carpet, wallpaper, fabrics, mirror, glass, steel ...

The surface design of movable partitions are no limits.

technical details Typ 100

Typ 100K

suspension 1 point 1 point 2 point 1 point 1 point 2 point
track type 40 38 36 40 38 36
min. height between underside of track and underside of ceiling 180mm 120mm 150mm 180mm 120mm 150mm
aluminum trim types in aluminum anodized, white powder coating without I/T/U-Profil without I/T/U-Profil

track color standard aluminum anodized, white powder coating
parking systems Typ 1 Typ 2-12 Typ 1 Typ 2-12

siehe Architektenkatalog Schienensysteme
panel thickness (39-54 dB) (57 dB) 113 mm / 119 mm 100 mm
recommended max. element width 1320 mm 1320 mm
min. element width Special estate on request 650 mm 650 mm
frame invisibly visibly
panel frame standard aluminum anodized - E6/EV1
finishing material on 16 mm particle board melamine, laminate, veneer, steel (rewritable), mirror, vinyl, magnet, carpet, perforated, ...
certificate in dB (Februar 2006) laboratory value RwP, DIN EN 20140-3:1995 39,42,43,46,48,49,51,53,54,(57 only type 100)
max. element height as a function of weight and finishing material
extandably seals horizontal
mechanical seals excentric to top and bottom
locking telescope lock vertical with rack and pinion gear
telescope type general lying outside
generally width passdoor/ double door Standard: 900 mm/ 1800 mm
height door/ double door min. element height Standard: 2100 mm/2100 mm
ordinary lock in size Typ 100: 39-54 dB: 35/40;   57 dB: 40/40; Typ 100K: 30/30
antipanic Possible, see architectural catalogue